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Optimize Your Back-to-School Marketing

by Ingrid Swan

published on 2017-07-18 11:05:00

Back-to-School Shopping Is Big Business

This year, spending on Back-to-School shopping is expected to reach $74.9 billion. The shoppers include multiple decision-makers: parents, students, teachers and peers. Price is important for all audiences, but parents focus more on practicality, while students center on style. Retailers therefore need to segment their messaging strategy accordingly to garner maximum results. 

Understanding These Audience Segments

Understanding these audiences not just in terms of demographics, but what resonates with them, why and when — will greatly increase retail marketers’ chances of capturing sales. These audiences vary in age, interests, reasons for going to school and rationale for buying. It’s important that retail marketers serve many of these audiences’ needs at different times as it relates to school shopping.

Marketers would be careless to not take advantage of the wealth of data and tools available to them to better appeal to potential consumers. Data that goes beyond demographics is critical. Understanding the nuances of each consumer and their purchasing intentions helps drive sales. Technology platforms that leverage that data to help retailers market to those consumers in the right way and at the right time can be a great advantage for brands. 

Key Audience Details And Solutions 

1. has an audience of over 8M monthly visitors, with 55% having children in the home and 68% accessing our content via mobile.* 
      *Nearly 1/3 of US parents make a back-to-school purchase via a smartphone, and 1/4 use their phones to research or compare prices of such purchases. 

2. Proposed Top 5 Predicted 
Back-to-School shopping days for 2017:
  • Friday, 8/4/17 
  • Saturday, 8/5/17 
  • Saturday, 8/12/17 
  • Sunday, 8/13/17 
  • Monday, 9/4/17 
3. Projected spend per household:
  • K-12: $1,247 
  • College Freshman: $1,627 
4. Recommended
Back-to-School Promotional Solutions:
  • Facebook Live Video
  • Native Advertising 
  • Targeted Mobile Push 
  • Geo Fencing 
  • Hi Impact Digital Display Campaigns 
  • Targeted Emails 
  • Cash Back Offers

Let Be Your Solution 

By leveraging research data and tools, retailers and marketers can choose among our recommended solutions to target and convert consumers. The result? Produce profitable results!

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Submitted by Ingrid Swan, Client Strategy Manager.

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