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Migration Isn't Just For The Birds

by Emily Moore

published on 2018-03-09 06:57:00

People Are Migrating Back to Detroit!

There is a notable trend happening in the housing market, people are moving back to Detroit.

According to Claritas data, we are seeing a high concentration of buyers – 1/3 being millennials investing in real estate closer to metro Detroit. This explains the increase in Detroit residential property value. An increase that hasn’t been seen in over 15 years. 

As we see more revitalization and development happening downtown, it is becoming more important to position yourself as an expert in the Detroit housing market. A strong brand and targeted messaging are key. 

Home Buyers in the Detroit DMA are more likely to buy in the RED Zones and BLUE Zones.


Home Sellers in the Detroit DMA are more likely to sell in the RED Zones and BLUE Zones.


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