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Email Blasting: Tips For Better Results

by Cedric Poole

published on 2017-08-23 06:29:00


Email blasting takes both technical and creative prowess. One too many images, the layout/coding of a email or even a simple word could send your marketing efforts straight to the spam pile. Though not an exact science, their are some tips that you can use to ensure a healthy open and click-thru rate.


Design For The Top 600 Pixels (or above the fold)

Make sure that your value proposition, your call-to-action, and any key information will reach your base quicker, you never know how long you have their attention.

Make links distinguishable If you want better click through rates, don't make your users go on a wild goose chase to find valuable links. Links should either be Underlined or bold and in a different color.

Avoid The Use Of "SPAM-WORDS"

Email filters are always hard at work safeguarding your they should! Sometimes though, they can be a little bit over bearing and the most simplest of words or phrases such as "Month Trail Offer", "Marketing Solution" or even "Click here" can send your marketing jewel to the spam folder. What's more, it's mainly the combination of using multiple words for the list (see below) that will get you flagged!!
Here is the list (

Lay Off The Images

This should be obvious, not just for design reasons ( users have to enable images) but also for the fact that email servers scan your email and if their is not a fair amount of text to image ratio (60/40)it's almost a guarantee that your email will be sent to spam purgatory. Also always make sure that you "use alt and title text behind images to ensure that there is still copy appearing even when your images do not load."

Personalize Subject Lines And Email Content

Try using a first name, title or user name in the subject line, "Hey Bob, Head of Marketing!" etc.

Follow The CAN-SPAM Law!

Make sure that your Physical Address as well as an unsubscribe button is present and clearly visible.

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Submitted by: Cedric Poole, Multimedia Designer, Creative.